Guide to Improve Food Options at Corner Stores Published by USDA

Posted on by Neha Anand

The USDA recently published the Healthy Corner Stores Guide to improve access to healthy foods for residents of low-income neighborhoods, including SNAP recipients. Corner stores, also known as convenience stores or bodegas, often serve as the main source of food for families that cannot purchase fresh produce and other healthy items nearby. The guide provides information, strategies, and resources for organizations that seek to increase the availability of healthy options at corner stores.

Key Points of the Healthy Corner Stores Guide

  • Corner stores provide an important opportunity for public health interventions in low-income communities
  • Corner stores are defined as “a small-scale store that sells a limited selection of food and other products.”
  • After implementing improvements, corner stores have:
    • Greater availability of fresh produce, canned items with lower levels of sodium and sugar, and healthier snack items
    • Better storage equipment
    • Increased demand for healthier items by an engaged community
    • Prominent display of healthier choices
  • Successful programs engage store owners and community members, provide nutrition education, and market healthier product options

Successful Healthy Corner Store Programs

Additional Resources

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