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Recently, there has been a push to get farmers’ markets to accept SNAP benefits. The policy has seen an enthusiastic response, with the total value of SNAP redemptions at farmers’ markets and food stands doubling from $2 million to $4 million from 2008-2009. Today, there are more than 1,150 farmers’ markets and stands accepting EBT cards across the country.

Research on SNAP and Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ Markets Resources

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Innovative Projects on Farmers’ Markets and SNAP

  • Double Up Food Bucks matches up to $20 in farmers’ market purchases by SNAP users at participating Michigan farmers’ markets.
  • Boston Bounty Bucks funds EBT terminals at farmers’ markets, teaches staff how to use them, and provides up to $10 in matching funds for SNAP clients at participating Boston farmers’ markets.
  • Health Bucks offers a free $2 coupon for every $5 of SNAP benefits spent at participating New York City farmers’ markets.
  • Fresh Exchange offers a dollar-for-dollar match for up to $5 of SNAP benefits spent at farmers’ markets in Portland, Oregon.
  • Evanston, Illinois offers 50 cents of credit for every $1 of SNAP benefits spent at downtown farmers’ markets.

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